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Revisado en España 🇪🇸 el 30 de mayo de 2021
I loved the Martian (the book). When I heard that "Artemis" was out I had great expectations, somewhat tempered by the tepid reviews I read in Amazon.
But this is a great book. I could not put it down.
The story takes place on the first city on the moon, when this city is just 20 years old. There is of course the scientific and engineering realistic background that Andy Weir displayed on the Martian and, in addition, the story of a young under-achiving girl, that the author makes you really care about.
The story is shorter than the Martian, but no less appealing. The protagonist is very different, though. No admired austronaut, but a poor, a little scoundrel girl with no studies, looking for a get-rich-quicly scheme.
Cannot recommend it enough.
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